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Cool Hue

Sku: AWEK299W

Robbins ArmorWood densified wood is a 100% natural product created using a 100% natural process. By harnessing the basic properties of heat and pressure, densified wood achieves extraordinary results as pure as nature. Robbins ArmorWood is 6X more dent resistant than traditional Engineered Hardwood, 100% real Hardwood Flooring that is dog friendly with waterproof protection for occasional accidents, 4X more scratch resistance to stop scratches from dog nails. That added hardness translates into fewer scrtatches from your dog's nails and you'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it.

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Product Specifications

Coverage Per Carton: 29.5 Sq.Ft.

Length: Random Up To 60″

Width: 7 1/2″

Installation Method: Glue,Staple,Float

Weight: 55 lbs.

Species: Red Oak

Thickness: 1/2″


50 Year Residential / 10 Year Commercial

More info on Robbins Armorwood Cool Hue

Introducing Robbins ArmorWood Cool Hue Flooring – where sophistication meets tranquility. The ArmorWood 7 1/2″ Cool Hue Densified Hardwood Collection presents a captivating blend of engineering and design, featuring meticulously crafted red oak hardwood planks in a soothing light brown hue.

Elevate your space with the gentle wire-brushed surface texture, creating an ambiance of understated elegance. The low gloss and Urethane finish seamlessly balance style and durability, ensuring your floors retain their pristine appearance even in the face of daily challenges. Revel in the assurance of impeccable dent and scratch resistance, allowing you to embrace a lifestyle of comfort without compromising on aesthetics.

Experience the pinnacle of flooring innovation – Robbins ArmorWood Cool Hue Flooring is not just water-resistant; it’s 100% waterproof. Say goodbye to worries about spills and moisture, as this flooring effortlessly weathers the demands of everyday life while maintaining its cool and tranquil allure.

Each plank boasts a generous 7.5-inch width, with lengths varying from 10 inches to 60 inches, providing a versatile canvas for creating dynamic and visually engaging layouts. Install with ease on any level of your home using the floating, glue, or staple method, allowing you the flexibility to tailor your space to your preferences and lifestyle.

With a 35-year residential warranty, Cool Hue Flooring guarantees enduring quality. Redefine your living spaces with confidence, infusing a touch of serene elegance that withstands the test of time.

Discover the perfect blend of cool sophistication and lasting durability – Cool Hue Flooring, where every step echoes tranquility. Transform your interiors into a haven of calm, making a timeless statement that resonates with comfort and style.

Discover how Robbins Armorwood Cool Hue flooring would look in your space!