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Light Sand

Sku: REWH5503

Pure SPC Max

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Product Specifications

Coverage Per Carton: 23.73 Sq.Ft.

Length: 48″

Width: 7″

Installation Method: Glueless Floating

Weight: 44 lbs.

Thickness: 6 mm

Attached Pad: Yes

Wear Layer: 20 mil


Limited 25 Year Residential / Limited 10 Year Commercial

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Elevate Your Space with Republic Floor Walnut Hills Light Sand Flooring: Experience Unmatched Beauty and Durability with Pure SPC™ MAX Technology

Welcome to the epitome of flooring excellence – Republic Floor Walnut Hills Light Sand Flooring. As one of the most popular flooring categories on the market, Wood Plastic Composite (Pure SPC™) flooring delivers unparalleled beauty, durability, and versatility. Let’s explore what sets Pure SPC™ MAX apart and why Walnut Hills Light Sand Flooring is the perfect choice for your home.

What is Pure SPC™ MAX?

Pure SPC™ MAX represents the cutting edge of flooring technology, commonly known as enhanced vinyl plank, luxury vinyl flooring, or waterproof vinyl. Crafted with precision and expertise, Pure SPC™ MAX flooring combines the natural beauty of hardwood with the durability and waterproof properties of vinyl. Its advanced composition features layers of stone plastic composite (SPC) with a rigid core, topped by a premium vinyl wear layer. This innovative construction not only replicates the look and feel of real wood but also delivers unmatched strength, stability, and performance.

Advantages Over Laminate:

The most glaring advantage of Pure SPC™ MAX is its inherent waterproof nature, making it ideal for areas where traditional laminate would be unsuitable, such as bathrooms or kitchens. Unlike laminate, which is prone to water damage and swelling, Pure SPC™ MAX provides superior protection against moisture, ensuring long-lasting durability and beauty. Additionally, the vinyl wear layer of Pure SPC™ MAX offers enhanced cushioning and sound absorption, creating a quieter and more comfortable living environment for you and your family.

Differences from LVT:

While both Pure SPC™ MAX and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) offer remarkable durability and versatility, there are key distinctions that set them apart. The most significant difference lies in Pure SPC™ MAX’s waterproof properties, making it suitable for a broader range of applications. Unlike traditional vinyl flooring, which may require extensive subfloor preparation due to its flexibility, Pure SPC™ MAX’s rigid core allows for seamless installation over most subfloors with minimal preparation. This feature not only simplifies the installation process but also eliminates the need for costly subfloor repairs.

Unmatched Performance:

Republic Floor Walnut Hills Light Sand Flooring epitomizes the exceptional performance and resilience of Pure SPC™ MAX technology. Its rigid core construction ensures superior dimensional stability, preventing warping, buckling, or cracking even in high-moisture environments. Whether you’re renovating a residential space or revamping a commercial property, this flooring solution delivers unmatched durability and longevity, standing the test of time with grace and elegance.

Seamless Installation:

Thanks to its innovative design, Republic Floor Walnut Hills Light Sand Flooring offers effortless installation over a variety of subfloors. Whether you’re laying it over concrete, plywood, or existing flooring, Pure SPC™ MAX’s rigid core minimizes the need for extensive subfloor preparation, saving you time and money on installation costs. Additionally, its click-lock system ensures a secure and stable fit, allowing for hassle-free DIY installation without the need for adhesives or specialized tools.

Timeless Elegance:

With its serene Light Sand finish, Republic Floor Walnut Hills Light Sand Flooring adds a touch of natural beauty to any interior space. Whether you prefer contemporary chic or classic sophistication, the soft, neutral tones and subtle grain patterns of Light Sand Flooring complement a variety of design aesthetics. From residential living rooms to commercial offices, this flooring solution enhances the ambiance of any environment, infusing it with understated elegance and style.

Low-Maintenance Luxury:

Beyond its stunning appearance and exceptional durability, Republic Floor Walnut Hills Light Sand Flooring offers the convenience of low-maintenance upkeep. Unlike natural hardwood flooring, which requires regular sanding, staining, and sealing, Pure SPC™ MAX is virtually maintenance-free. Simply sweep, vacuum, or mop as needed to keep your floors looking pristine for years to come. Its scratch-resistant surface ensures enduring beauty, even in high-traffic areas, making it an ideal choice for busy households and commercial spaces alike.

Environmentally Conscious:

At Republic Floor, we are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our Pure SPC™ MAX Flooring is crafted using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, ensuring minimal impact on the planet. By choosing Walnut Hills Light Sand Flooring, you’re not only investing in quality and style but also supporting a greener future for generations to come.


In conclusion, Republic Floor Walnut Hills Light Sand Flooring represents the epitome of flooring excellence, thanks to its innovative Pure SPC™ MAX technology. Whether you prioritize durability, aesthetics, or environmental consciousness, this collection exceeds expectations on all fronts. Elevate your space with Republic Pure SPC™ MAX Flooring and experience the perfect fusion of beauty, strength, and sustainability. Transform your home with Walnut Hills Light Sand Flooring and redefine the way you live, work, and play.

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