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RevWood Plus Rivercrest

Aged Barrel Oak

Sku: CDL94-06

Revwood Rivercrest is a laminate collection offers textured, deeply grained, hand scraped floors that give a space contrast and character.

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Product Specifications

Coverage Per Carton: 17.18 Sq.Ft.

Length: 47 1/4″

Width: 7.5″

Installation Method: Floating

Weight: 24.71 lbs.

Thickness: 8 mm

Made in the USA: Yes


Limited Lifetime Residential, 5-YR Limited Light Commercial

More info on Mohawk RevWood Plus Rivercrest Aged Barrel Oak

Introducing Mohawk RevWood Plus Rivercrest Aged Barrel Oak Flooring: Where Affordable Elegance Meets Timeless Tradition

In the dynamic world of flooring, Mohawk RevWood Plus Rivercrest Aged Barrel Oak emerges as a beacon of affordable elegance, seamlessly combining a captivating aesthetic with modern innovation. As a proud member of Mohawk’s Revwood Rivercrest collection, the CDL94 variant presents a compelling proposition—an enticing blend of budget-friendly pricing, stunning oak colors, and a traditional style that captures the most desired tones of contemporary design.

At the heart of Rivercrest’s allure is its commitment to affordability without compromising on quality. The planks, measuring a generous 7 ½ inches in width and 47 ¼ inches in length, offer a substantial and impactful flooring solution for a variety of spaces. The milled bevel edges add a touch of sophistication, creating a seamless transition between planks and enhancing the overall visual appeal of the flooring.

Proudly manufactured in the USA, Mohawk RevWood Plus Rivercrest Aged Barrel Oak exemplifies the brand’s dedication to domestic craftsmanship. The flooring’s patented UNICLIC locking system takes center stage, offering a hassle-free installation process that eliminates the need for glue or nails. This innovative system not only streamlines the installation journey but also ensures a secure and reliable connection between planks, contributing to the longevity of the flooring.

The beauty of Rivercrest lies not only in its affordability and ease of installation but also in its aesthetic prowess. The new oak colors incorporated into the design are carefully curated to capture today’s most desired tones. Aged Barrel Oak, in particular, brings forth a sense of timeless charm, infusing spaces with the warmth and character reminiscent of aged wood. This flooring option transcends trends, providing a foundation for diverse interior design styles.

Beyond its visual appeal, Mohawk RevWood Plus Rivercrest CDL94 is bestowed with certifications that underscore its commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. The floorScore certification ensures that the flooring contributes to a healthy indoor air environment by meeting stringent standards for indoor air quality. NALFA certification attests to the durability and performance of the flooring, assuring consumers of its resilience in the face of daily wear and tear. Additionally, the CARB2 compliance speaks to Rivercrest’s adherence to strict emission standards, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly flooring choice.

As we immerse ourselves in the narrative of Mohawk RevWood Plus Rivercrest Aged Barrel Oak Flooring, it’s not just about the product’s specifications; it’s a journey through affordability, innovation, and a commitment to elevating living spaces. Rivercrest emerges as more than just flooring; it’s a canvas upon which homeowners can create their vision of a welcoming and stylish home.

The affordability of Rivercrest CDL94 does not equate to a compromise on quality. Mohawk’s dedication to excellence is evident in the robust construction and the attention to detail that defines each plank. This flooring option is a testament to the brand’s understanding of the diverse needs of consumers, providing an accessible yet high-quality solution for those seeking to enhance their living spaces.

Installation becomes a breeze with Rivercrest’s UNICLIC locking system, empowering homeowners with a DIY-friendly approach. The elimination of glues and nails not only simplifies the installation process but also adds to the versatility of this flooring option. It becomes a viable choice for those looking to embark on a home improvement project without the need for professional installation, reducing both cost and time.

The milled bevel edges contribute to the authenticity of Rivercrest’s appearance, creating a subtle yet impactful detail that enhances the overall visual experience. Each plank becomes a testament to Mohawk’s commitment to providing a flooring solution that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of consumers.

Aged Barrel Oak, with its rich and nuanced tones, becomes a focal point of Mohawk RevWood Plus Rivercrest CDL94. The flooring captures the essence of aged wood, adding a layer of sophistication and warmth to any space it graces. Whether you envision a rustic farmhouse aesthetic, a transitional design, or a contemporary space, Aged Barrel Oak adapts, becoming a versatile backdrop for diverse design styles.

The USA manufacturing of Rivercrest reflects Mohawk’s dedication to supporting domestic craftsmanship and ensuring the highest standards of quality. By producing flooring domestically, Mohawk contributes to the local economy while maintaining a level of control over the production process, ensuring that each plank meets the brand’s stringent quality standards.

The UNICLIC locking system, a cornerstone of Rivercrest’s installation ease, is a patented technology that reflects Mohawk’s commitment to innovation. This system not only simplifies the installation process but also ensures a secure and reliable connection between planks, minimizing the risk of issues such as gaps or uneven surfaces over time. It’s a testament to Mohawk’s dedication to providing consumers with flooring that not only looks good initially but maintains its integrity over the years.

Certifications such as floorScore, NALFA, and CARB2 add an additional layer of assurance to Mohawk RevWood Plus Rivercrest Aged Barrel Oak Flooring. The floorScore certification is particularly noteworthy, as it attests to the flooring’s contribution to a healthy indoor air quality environment. This is especially crucial for homeowners who prioritize not only aesthetics but also the well-being of their living spaces.

NALFA certification provides peace of mind regarding the durability and performance of Rivercrest. In a world where daily foot traffic, spills, and general wear and tear are inevitable, knowing that your flooring is NALFA certified adds confidence that it can withstand the challenges of everyday life without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal.

CARB2 compliance further underscores Mohawk’s commitment to environmental responsibility. By adhering to stringent emission standards, Rivercrest becomes a sustainable flooring choice, contributing to a healthier indoor environment and reducing the environmental impact associated with flooring production.

As we navigate the comprehensive landscape of Mohawk RevWood Plus Rivercrest Aged Barrel Oak Flooring, it becomes evident that this is more than just a flooring option; it’s an investment in quality, style, and the overall well-being of your living spaces. It’s a canvas upon which homeowners can bring their design visions to life, whether they seek a cozy retreat, a contemporary haven, or a timeless classic.

The affordability of Rivercrest does not compromise the richness of its aesthetic or the durability of its construction. Instead, it democratizes the opportunity for consumers to enjoy a flooring solution that embodies Mohawk’s legacy of excellence. Rivercrest becomes a testament to the brand’s understanding of the diverse needs and aspirations of homeowners, offering a foundation for creating spaces that are both visually appealing and accessible.

In conclusion, Mohawk RevWood Plus Rivercrest Aged Barrel Oak Flooring transcends its role as a flooring option; it becomes a partner in the journey of transforming houses into homes. It’s an expression of Mohawk’s commitment to providing not just flooring but an experience—an experience of affordability, innovation, and enduring beauty. Rivercrest becomes a canvas upon which homeowners can craft their stories, one plank at a time.

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