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Design Medley II


Sku: 2B137-848

Design Medley II combines a mixture of textural overlaid framework grids that interweave and create gradual color changes across the pattern for unique and mergeable installations.

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Product Specifications

Coverage Per Carton: 72 Sq.Ft.

Length: 24″

Width: 24″

Installation Method: Glue

Weight: 46.44 lbs.

Construction: Carpet Tile

Made in the USA: Yes


Lifetime Limited Wear Warranty / 10 Year Limited Stain Resistance Warranty

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Introducing Aladdin Commercial Design Medley II Mixture Carpet Tile: A Fusion of Style and Versatility

Step into a world where style meets adaptability with the Aladdin Commercial Design Medley II Mixture Carpet Tile. As part of the Rediscovery collection, this carpet tile effortlessly combines aesthetics with functionality, transforming your spaces into dynamic showcases of design. Whether you’re revitalizing a corporate setting, a welcoming hospitality environment, or an inspiring educational space, the Design Medley II style in the captivating Mixture color, featuring the style number QA137, weaves together contemporary flooring excellence.

A Unique Fusion of Patterns: The Design Medley II Mixture carpet tile boasts a distinct character defined by its textured loop surface appearance. It’s not just a floor covering – it’s a canvas for creativity. The Mixture color, radiating with color number 848, brings to life a captivating blend of hues and patterns that seamlessly complements various interior aesthetics. With every step, you’re immersed in a world of patterns that celebrates individuality.

Crafted for Unmatched Resilience: At Aladdin Commercial, we’re dedicated to crafting products that stand the test of time. The Design Medley II carpet tile showcases the exceptional durability of Colorstrand SD Nylon fiber type. Beyond its strength, this fiber type embodies our commitment to providing flooring that combines elegance and longevity, while minimizing our ecological footprint.

Durable Yet Elegant Construction: The construction of the Design Medley II Mixture carpet tile is a testament to its lasting quality. The tufted construction is meticulously engineered to withstand high-traffic environments, ensuring that your flooring investment remains robust and visually captivating. The UltraSet backing further reinforces stability, guaranteeing the durability of these carpet tiles over time.

Effortless Installation, Limitless Creativity: Experience the simplicity of installation through a range of methods. The Design Medley II carpet tile seamlessly adapts to Monolithic, VerticalAshlar, BrickAshlar, QuarterTurn, or MultiDirectional installations, enabling you to craft layouts that reflect your unique vision. With a gauge of 1/12 (47.00 rows per 10 cm) and 9.0 stitches per inch (35.43 per 10 cm), this carpet tile effortlessly marries style and functionality.

Excelling in Performance: With a density of 9,000, the Design Medley II Mixture carpet tile thrives under heavy foot traffic while maintaining a plush, inviting feel. Rigorously tested and certified to meet ASTM E 648 Class I flame resistance standards when glued down, this carpet tile ensures both style and safety.

Enhancing Indoor Air Quality: Indoor air quality is of paramount importance, and the Design Medley II Mixture carpet tile proudly carries the IAQ Green Label Plus certification (Green Label Plus 1098). This certification underscores its low emissions, making it a prudent choice for spaces where well-being is a priority.

Shield Against Stains: Preserving your flooring’s allure is effortless with the Design Medley II Mixture carpet tile. Mohawk Protection Plus Stain Release Technology ensures the carpet resists stains, streamlining maintenance and safeguarding the carpet’s visual appeal.

Luxurious Comfort, Unwavering Quality: Experience unparalleled comfort with a tufted weight of 22 oz. per sq. yd. (746 g/m²). This perfect blend of luxury and durability guarantees that every step taken on the Design Medley II Mixture carpet tile is a step toward experiencing opulence and lasting quality.

Where Versatility Meets Style: Discover the seamless union of style, versatility, and performance with these carpet tiles. Transform your environment with an interplay of textures and colors, confident in the knowledge that you’ve chosen a product that exceeds expectations. Elevate your space with a flooring solution that sets new standards for excellence in both design and functionality.

Elevate your surroundings with these carpet tiles. Experience innovation that resonates with every step, seamlessly integrating patterns and endurance.

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