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Aladdin Commercial

Amity Tile

Smoky Martini

Sku: 2B107-968

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Product Specifications

Length: 24″

Width: 24″

Installation Method: Glue

Weight: 49.49 lbs.

Construction: Carpet Tile

Made in the USA: Yes


Full Mnufacturer’s warranty

More info on Aladdin Commercial Amity Tile Smoky Martini

Aladdin Commercial Amity Tile Smoky MartiniIntroducing the Aladdin Commercial – Amity – Smoky Martini, a stunning carpet tile that measures 24 x 24 inches and elevates interior design to new dimensions. Crafted with the utmost precision, this tile showcases Mohawk’s expertise in creating exceptional flooring solutions. Immerse yourself in the world of luxurious comfort and exquisite aesthetics as you embrace the transformative power of this masterpiece.

Product Insight:

SKU: 2B107-968
Manufacturer: Mohawk
Brand: Aladdin Commercial
Collection Color: Smoky Martini
Color Group: Blue, White
Shade: Dark
Alternate SKU: QA107
Collection Name: Amity
Show Price: Yes

Unveiling the Artistry:

Construction: The tile’s tufted construction signifies its dedication to artistry and durability, ensuring a floor covering that stands the test of time.

Flooring Type: This carpet tile belongs to the category of Carpet Tile, known for its versatility and adaptability to various settings.

Gloss Level: With a subtle gloss level of 1, this tile exudes an understated radiance that enhances its visual appeal.

Dimensions That Matter:

Plank Width (in.): A generous width of 24 inches ensures that each tile stands as a canvas of elegance and sophistication.

Plank Length (in.): Mirroring the width, the 24-inch length adds symmetry and balance to the tile’s design.

Special Size: Designed as a standard size, this tile fits seamlessly into a range of design projects, offering uniformity and convenience.

Surface Texture: The textured pattern loop brings depth and character to the tile’s surface, creating an engaging visual and tactile experience.

Elevating Maintenance:

Spec Sheet: For comprehensive insights into the tile’s features and specifications, refer to the provided spec sheet.

Recommended Waste Factor: Keeping sustainability in mind, a recommended waste factor of 10% aids in efficient planning and usage.

Expert Maintenance Advice:

Caring for your carpeting investment is essential for its longevity and enduring allure. Regular vacuuming helps prevent dirt from deteriorating the fibers, ensuring your carpet stays vibrant and plush. For approved cleaning methods, consult the manufacturer or our dedicated carpeting experts at Znet Flooring.

Dealing with spills requires prompt attention. Remove any solid materials gently with a tool, and then blot the area using a clean cloth and water (avoid scrubbing). For tougher stains, a recommended cleaning solution can be used. To maintain the carpet’s pristine condition, consider professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months.

Address snags, burns, dents, or marks with care. Avoid pulling on snags; instead, use scissors to trim them. Burn marks can be treated similarly. For furniture dents, gently brush the fibers with a coin to restore their original texture.

In conclusion, the Aladdin Commercial – Amity – Smoky Martini carpet tile is more than just flooring; it’s a symphony of artistry, durability, and care. Embark on a journey of transformative design as you embrace the elegance and comfort that this tile brings to your space.

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